Top 10 Social Media Tips


Choose the  Social Media Channel that is most suitable for you

It is very important to choose the top 3 social media channels that are suitable for you. facebook is the Big daddy of them all and should be your first pick since it is the most effective.After that comes your blog , then youtube . For some twitter , google plus and pinterest is very important

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Social Media Marketing Melbourne


Social Media Marketing Melbourne
The beauty of Social Media is that it has leveled the playing field. The low costs associated with Social Media Marketing mean that it is available to all. We believe that our affordable social media solutions could enable you to take on the big boys and win.


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What’s New in WordPress 3.4


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Powerful New CSS- and JavaScript Techniques


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Work, Life And Side Projects


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Writing Effective Documentation For WordPress End Users


WARNING! If you’re unsure or not completely positive that you should be editing these options, you should read the Documentation first.

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Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: July 2012


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How to video chat on Facebook

Facebook has launched new video calling and chatting feature which allows online face to face video chatting with Facebook buddies. This video chatting service on Facebook is powered by Skype. Best part, you do not have install Skype software for using Facebook video chatting. However, you do have to install small plugin file on your computer to activate video chat feature on Facebook website.

Download & Install Facebook video chat plugin

1. Click this link to download Facebook video calling plugin your computer. You will prompt box, click Run button to continue with plugin downloading.

2. Once plugin is downloaded, it will start installation automatically. You may get prompt to click Yes or Run button to continue with plugin installation.

This plugin has small size, hence it should download quickly even on slow internet connection. Once you install this plugin, you are all set to start video chatting with Facebook friends.

Start video chat on Facebook

1. In the chat window (located at bottom right), look for online friends – they will have green icon next to their name, indicating their online status.

2. Click on the name of online friend and in the new box click Video icon at top right part of the chat box. This will launch video chat window and you can get going with video chatting session with your Facebook friend.

If you get error connecting to video chat on Facebook, make sure webcam and mic are working on your computer. You can logout and login back to check for video chat feature again – it should work.

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How to Get the Old FaceBook Chat back

Facebook recently launched a whole new chatting system which, well, plainly sucked. No longer were friends shown in groups according to lists you made but also only those friends were shown who you used to contactthe most.  Whether they were online or not! Although many users have been protesting this move, Facebook being Facebook has turned a blind eye, However its pretty simple to get back to the old chatting system, here’s how.

The solution is pretty easy. Its done using an add-on called Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler. Depending on your browser follow the steps:


FireFox users just go here and download the add-on. If it does say ‘This add-on has not been reviewed by Mozilla ‘ just click on it and click again on the Add to FireFox button. That’s it, restart it and you are good to go.


For Google Chrome users, download this app and just refresh the Facebook page (by pressing F5) and your done.


Opera users need to download this add-on. And that’s it!

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facebook dislike button

facebook dislike button

Have you been waiting for the facebook dislike button since forever?..

Here is a Legit way of getting a dislike Button!

Step 1) download firefox if you haven’t already

Step 2) Install firefox and go to this site to get a real dislike button

Step 3) Start disliking! 😛

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