Facebook Marketing


 Create and setup a Facebook Page to familiarize people with your business

A facebook page is a great way to showcase your products or services . however most people dont setup their pages for maximum effectiveness. We can help with high quality branding and graphics that give you that professional look



Get Laser Targeted fans

Facebook is the most cost effective to get a huge targeted audience. It has been proven to be much more friendly on the pocket than newspaper, TV or even google ads.However it is a tad complicated . We can help you target the right audience that’s suitable for you



Top Quality engagement

Engaging your fans is very demanding and cumbersome job.We do this by regularly posting great content that is tweaked for maximum performance




Powerful Word of Mouth tactics

This is the secret sauce of how to be an authority on facebook and get tons of fans.We do this be using some tactics that encourage friends of your fans. We have employed an advanced version of this trategy and it works wonders everytime


SMM11Contest and sweepstakes done right

It is shocking to see so many contests run these days which are not following the proper guidelines. This could lead to your social accounts getting banned.It would be rather humiliating when your customers know that your contest wasn’t legit. We can save you this embarrassment as well as the headache to go through and apply all the rules since we are very familiar with them .


Social Media Monitoring

Keeping track of all your social media mentions is not an easy job. We can help you with this¬†will inform you of meaningful trends and activity that’s relevant to your social presence.SMM12


Easy to understand analytics and reporting

We dont use complicated social media jargons or reports.We have special analytics tools that make it very easy for you to understand how your social media campaign is performing so that you know everything you need to know at a glance


Facebook Apps

Do you also want a facebook app like the big boys like Coca-Cola and Starbucks. We specialize in facebook apps that are affordable and powerful


So, if you want an unfair advantage over your competitors, please have a chat with our facebook marketing specialist or send us an email.