Social Media Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is considered the oldest and most effective form of marketing. 93% trust peer Recommendations , only 12 % trust traditional ads

SMM1   Now imagine word of mouth marketing on steroids,thats what we do here at Fuga Studios   SMM2

  • Custom Social media strategy specifically catered to your business

No two businesses are exactly the same.We approach each client with their specific personalities, customers, objectives, and needs in mind. For example Pinterest and Linkedin may not be that effective for you, we help you choose the best social media channels that compliment your business

  • High-Quality-Graphics

  • High Quality Branding branding and graphics

  • We have a team of  highly skilled graphic designers who can create very high quality graphics that gives you that premium look
  • SMM7

  • Unique likeable content generation

  • Have you noticed that most posts on facebook  , twitter, linkedin, pinterest, Google plus , get little or no attention.
  • This is because the content is drab. We have content creators with more than 3 years experience. have a look at the above displayed picture for example. It is a screenshot form one of our client pages and its got more than 400 likes and 1000 plus shares.



Special engagement tactics

Posting great content is only half the battle. You wont get huge amount of interaction if your post , tweet, pin is properly engaged. Since 3 1/2 years we have posted
so many times that we have learnt some special engagement tactics and we would be glad to apply these very tactics to your content

  • SMM9
  • Building powerful Communities

  • We are specialists in building powerful communities. Imagine hundreds or even thousands of people who are active promoting you on a regular basis.
  • SMM10
  • Creating Buzzworthy Blogs

We can help your Blog Posts go Viral.We are very good at this. We have consistently got thousands of facebook shares with 18,500 Shares being the highest. This is more than most blogs out there.
Without blog optimization you may get only 30-35 views per day but we can help you get 4000 plus views easily

  • SEO-Picture
  • Top Notch SEO

  • Even though most social media profiles are not SEO optimised SEO plays a big role. We have SEO experts who can get you to the 1st page of google
  • SMM11Contest and sweepstakes done right

  • It is shocking to see so many contests run these days which are not following the proper guidelines. This could lead to your social accounts getting banned.It would be rather humiliating when your customers know that your contest wasn’t legit. We can save you this embarrassment as well as the headache to go through and apply all the rules since we are very familiar with them .
  • social-media-monitoringSocial Media Monitoring

  • Keeping track of all your social media mentions is not an easy job. We can help you with this will inform you of meaningful trends and activity that’s relevant to your social presence.
  • SMM12Easy to understand analytics and reporting

  • We dont use complicated social media jargons or reports.We have special analytics tools that make it very easy for you to understand how your social media campaign is performing so that you know everything you need to know at a glance
  • SMM14Facebook Apps

  • Do you also want a facebook app like the big boys like Coca-Cola and Starbucks. We specialize in facebook apps that are affordable and powerful


So, if you want an unfair advantage over your competitors, please have a chat with our social media specialist or send us an email.