Top 10 Social Media Tips


Choose the  Social Media Channel that is most suitable for you

It is very important to choose the top 3 social media channels that are suitable for you. facebook is the Big daddy of them all and should be your first pick since it is the most effective.After that comes your blog , then youtube . For some twitter , google plus and pinterest is very important


Be Authentic have a human voice

People prefer to create relationships with other people more so than with businesses. You can encourage customers if you use a “human” voice — not a boring cold corporate  . You can do a few simple things like show a picture instead of a business logo on your profile, and assign an intern who is articulate


Less is more

Please don’t post large paragraphs ,have  hour long videos , in social media less is more.Be concise and to the point you will get much better engagement.Videos usually have to be less than 3 minutes in length.Posts between 100 and 250 characters (less than 3 lines of text) see about 60% more likes, comments and shares than posts greater than 250 characters.


Sprinkle a little humor

Nothing like a good dose of humor to perk up you posts or videos . The Best humor comes naturally. Social Media campaigns infused with humor usually deliver the best results. For example please have a look at “Old Spice Guy”

not everybody has a great sense of humor and it can be a risk , so if you need some help with this we would be glad to help


Be a good listener

It’s easy to keep talking only about you. In a social network you have to stop broadcasting and listen to what your customers have to say.

People use social networks to converse, and the best way to build strong a social relationship with a customer is to be a “friend” who can listen.


Respond promptly

Successful social media marketing depends on your own ability to respond to customers in a timely fashion. You want to show customers that you are a “reliable friend,” so stay active and participate in all conversations related to your company or area of expertise.

Offer Exclusivity

Your social network should not just be about deals, but there is nothing wrong with making your fans, friends and followers feel special. One way to do this is to offer rewards or promotions exclusively to social networking customers


Get Social Media Metrics From Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics custom UTM parameters on links shared in social media channels.


Provide Some Real Good Value

Don’t post only salesy stuff , post something valuable related to your area of expertise .High Value content always works great


Have fun

Go for it!……it’s something new and we are all still learning; don’t be shy!


Extra Tip!…

Start a Blog

Participating in social networks is like renting: it may make a ton of business sense, but it’s not on your own turf, and you don’t make the rules. Tilt the field a little in your direction by starting a blog, where you own the land and you set the rules. Everything you do here is an investment in your own property.



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